Rolling -
the most widespread method of metal deforming

Product quality is set to be our top-priority. Besides standard orders, IRONA are more than ready to cope with projects that are far from standards. We treat every single task as an individual challenge, requiring a new approach.

Professional metal processing as to your individual needs

Rolling of metal, employing electronically operated hydraulic and mechanical technologies, results in supreme quality sheet bending. Due to multi-directional shafts, metal sheets undergo a predefined bending of the desired shape and scale, with the maximum width of 2 metres. The applied pressure alters the dimensions of a work-piece, together with its mechanical and physical qualities.

We possess the necessary equipment and qualified specialists to ensure best service quality. The rolling shafts are carefully selected according to the shape of prefabrications. IRONA team have a long-term metal processing experience – the skilled personnel are willing to take into account your specific requirements and consult you in a search for a better solution.

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