Metal bending –
professional results for construction and household

Product quality is set to be our top-priority. Besides standard orders, IRONA are more than ready to cope with projects that are far from standards. We treat every single task as an individual challenge, requiring a new approach.

Novel solutions via latest metal bending technologies

Metal bending enables creating durable, distinctive and refined metal products, adding magnitude and distinctiveness to every interior or exterior, be it home or industry. We possess everything necessary to excel at professional metal bending. Flattening presses, machine tools, specialized tools – all assist in forming grooves and edges to give metal the required shape. We deal with many sorts of metal with the maximum sheet length of 4 metres.

In strive for the leadership in metal processing, IRONA have created a team of skilled and qualified specialists, well aware of the peculiarities in metal processing, so that being altered in shape, metal does not lose its values. We perform various processes of metal bending; therefore we are ready for every non-standard product challenge. Metal bending – aesthetics, durability and your materialized ideas.

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