Laser-cut metal –
distinctiveness, exclusivity, quality

Product quality is set to be our top-priority. Besides standard orders, IRONA are more than ready to cope with projects that are far from standards. We treat every single task as an individual challenge, requiring a new approach.

Maximum accuracy and complex shapes

Metal processing, assisted with laser rays of various intensity, results in a cutting-edge sheet cutting. High energy density levels help to perform finest cuts with maximum precision while minimizing the thermal impact zone. Laser cutting is computer controlled, thus fast and efficient. Our long-term expertise and professionalism enable us to provide high quality service.

We possess the necessary equipment and qualified specialists. Our modern services substantially widen the scale of creative design opportunities for constructors and designers who may use distinctive and complex elements. At IRONA we cut sheets of various sorts of metal. The outcome is a durable product, boasting accurate lines and not requiring any further processing.

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