Design -
implementation of your vision

Product quality is set to be our top-priority. Besides standard orders, IRONA are more than ready to cope with projects that are far from standards. We treat every single task as an individual challenge, requiring a new approach.

Creative design for your personal needs

Fulfilling single unit orders and individual design of metal fabrications gives us a possibility to exploit our knowledge and 25 years of experience. Possessed human resources and regularly updated manufacturing equipment help to implement your expectations and needs, transforming your vision to our product. Considering your will and assuming the possibilities, you will be offered the most suitable solution.

Non-standard design comprises various metal structures applicable to your home or office. We design balconies, handrails, staircases, fences, gates, gazebos, log sheds, bicycle storage containers, porches, garment hangers, pet volleys, trusses and beams for construction as well as other articles behind your order. Individualized design of metal structures ensures maximum comfort, space saving advantages and durability.

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